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Classroom Webpages

BACS is using Edline to manage and host our classroom webpages which requires a username and password.  Please contact your teacher for login information. Click on your Class to go to the classroom webpage:

Stay tuned for more  2016-2017 classroom webpages.

1st Grade – Mrs. deMaria
1st Grade – Mrs. Morey

2nd Grade – Miss Kindred
2nd Grade – Mrs. Switzer

3rd Grade – Mrs. Brown
3rd Grade – Mrs. Conaron

4th Grade – Miss Adams
4th Grade – Mrs. Reuter

5th Grade – Mrs. Cook
5th Grade – Mrs. Dibb

6th Grade – Mrs. Daum
6th Grade – Mrs. Friesen

7th Grade Boys- Mr. Hyatt
7th Grade Girls – Mrs. Nash

8th Grade Boys – Dr. Feerrar
8th Grade Girls – Mrs. Conroy
8th Grade Comp – Mrs. Conroy
8th Grade Play