Student Drop-off and Pick-up

Student Drop-Off:

  • Drop students off between 7:45 and 8:00 am. (Please do NOT drop students off before 7:45 unless you have special permission from Kirsten Cronlund).
  • Walkers should arrive after 7:45 and not before.
  • Drive slowly and watch for pedestrians .
  • Drop students off at the Heilman Hall entrance (NOT on Tomlinson Road, Ashley Road or at the main school entrance until after 8am)
  • When dropping off students at Heilman Hall please pull close to the curb,  and drive up as far as possible. Please allow students to exit  on the passenger/curb side of vehicle ONLY!
  •  If you or a child must exit the vehicle on the driver’s side please pull around the island and park in a parking space for  longer drop-off.
  • Please set a good example for the students by crossing only at the crosswalk where the there is a crossing guard.
  • The Pastor’s Office is not an entrance to the school.  If you wish to enter the school, please use the main school entrance at the school office.


 Student Pick-up (12:15 and 2:30)

  • Drive slowly and watch for pedestrians.
  • Parking:
    • Park so you can pull forward in order to avoid backing up. See parking chart below.
    • Park in the middle lane on the far side of the island, head in so you can pull forward to exit (no backing up needed).
    • No parking on the building side of the island.
    • No parking on the far side of the island in the first 8 spaces to allow good visibility to children crossing from the crosswalk. (Smaller vehicles with good visibility may park against island further down and back-up carefully.


Heilman Hall Traffic Chart