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Spring Break

Written by on March 13, 2018

The last week of school before Spring Break was a busy one here at BACS. Presentations, tests, papers and major assignments were coming in, marking the completion of our winter term. These projects, which included the eighth grade’s production of Hansel and Gretel and the 7th grades girls’ Civil War notebooks are milestones for the […]

The Largest Group Project at BACS

Written by on February 27, 2018

The curtains open on this year’s eighth grade play on Tuesday night. The class’s three performances of Hansel and Gretel this week are the culmination of months of preparation. In the time since the play was announced in November the students have been working hard to build props and set pieces and to learn lines […]

Technology Aiding Instruction at BACS

Written by on February 20, 2018

Erik Buss’s chapel talk on Friday included a description of teaching in heaven. He described a scene in which a perfect, moving example appeared to enhance the teacher’s lesson. While the instructional tools in our classrooms are, I’m sure, a long way away from those available in the other world, it is striking to think […]