After School Club

Bryn Athyn Church School offers after school care for students in all grades.

For Kindergartners, the first part of the afternoon, 12:15-3:00, is Wonder Garden. The children bring their own lunches to eat in the classroom.  We set up the lunches by warming anything up and opening containers, etc. After lunch there is a variety of things we do.  The children might work on creating art projects, or play games, or put together puzzles or read books.  This is a structured play atmosphere.  We get outside almost every afternoon to run and play on one of the fields or one of the playgrounds.

Wonder Garden.  12:15-3:00PM            Wonder Garden Registration Form

Days per week Price per month
1 $88
2 $176
3 $248
4 $308

Aftercare continues from 2:30-5:00 in our After Care Club, Monday through Thursday. This program is open to students in all grades. Your child will have the opportunity to learn, play, and relax under the capable and caring guidance of Monica Gruber and Brittany Gunther.

Immediately following school, your child can decompress from their day, eat a snack and begin their homework. Once homework is complete there is a chance for indoor and outdoor activities depending on the interests of the children that day. There are many activities offered such as crafts, board games, Lego, puzzles, whole group games, stories, basketball, free outdoor play, and several others.

If you need a safe and nurturing place for your child after school, please consider our program. Your child can join us for one or more days a week, they are also welcome to drop in as needed with 24-hour notice.

After Care Club 2:30-5:00PM

Days per week Price per month
1 $80
2 $160
3 $225
4 $280

Wonder Garden + After Care Club 12:15-5:00PM

Days per week Price per month
1 $152
2 $304
3 $427
4 $532

For more information please contact: Beth Bochneak at beth.bochneak@bacs.orgor Joanne Hamilton at