Tuition and Financial Aid (K-8)

Tuition and Fees

Tuition for 2019-2020: $10,530.  All tuition payments are made online through our tuition management company, TADS.  There is an easy process for setting up an agreement for tuition payment.  All families will be required to have a TADS agreement set up by Monday, August 12, so that they will be ready to go when school starts.  No student will be able to start school until their TADS agreement is set up.

Financial Aid

The goal and practice of Bryn Athyn Church School is to provide financial aid in order to make a distinctive New Church education available to any family that desires it for their children. All families receive some financial support through the operating budget, endowment, and annual fund, as tuition alone does not cover the total cost, estimated to be $14,000 per year of educating a student at BACS. In addition, the school is budgeting approximately $1,000,000 in tuition assistance for 2019-2020. More than 50% of BACS families receive additional tuition assistance. Grants are need-based, and vary from several hundred to several thousand dollars. In determining tuition assistance each family’s application is considered individually. There are no income floors or ceilings to qualify for tuition assistance. Rather, tuition assistance takes into account multiple factors including home equity, consumer debt, number of children attending tuition-charging institutions and more. It is important for all families to feel free to inquire about and request tuition assistance for any reason. Requests for tuition assistance are kept strictly confidential, as is any information provided. Families need to re-apply yearly for continued assistance. We use TADS ( for financial management.

Deadlines for Financial Aid:

The deadline for first round of financial aid consideration at BACS is April 15, 2019. Based on the information you provide to TADS, TADS will make a recommendation to the Financial Aid Committee as to your specific needs. Financial aid recipients are notified beginning in May. At BACS there is no penalty for applying after the April 15th deadline.  All remaining financial aid awards are distributed on a rolling basis.

Process for applying for financial aid

Click below to complete the TADS application form online. There is a processing fee of $34 per family. We partner with the Bryn Athyn Church Preschool and the High School (ANC) in using TADS. For families with children at the Preschool, BACS and/or ANC, information and the fee will be shared with all three schools. Financial Aid Application    Financial Aid Worksheet

  • In cases of divorced or separated parents, we require that both parents file financial aid applications in order to provide the Financial Aid Committee with a full picture of potential family resources.
  • After applying online, you will be instructed on how to submit your completed 1040 Tax Returns and W-2 Statements to TADS.  For additional help, TADS parent help line number is 1-800-477-8237.

The deadline for the first round of financial aid consideration is April 15, 2019.  Based on the information you provide to TADS, TADS will make a recommendation to the Financial Aid Committee as to your specific needs.  Financial aid recipients are notified beginning in May. All inquiries and applications for financial aid are held in the the strictest confidence between TADS and the Financial Aid Office.  No information is released to any person beyond those staff members directly involved in distributing and accounting for financial aid.