Student Testimonials

What is your favorite memory of this year so far?

“Learning how to go to heaven.” – 1st Grade Student

“I liked Harry Potter Day. It was cool how the teachers got dressed up and we all got sorted with the sorting hat. It was really fun.” – 4th Grade Student

“Learning self control.” – 7th Grade Student

“The school allows us older kids to help teach and lead the younger students…I really was able to show and learn about positive leadership.” – 8th Grade Student

“My first book report and how I had to talk about it a lot before I felt comfortable.” – 4th Grade Student

“Learning to be patient!” – 1st Grade Student

What experience from this year will be valuable to you for all time?

“Having drills to make sure we are safe and learn about safety.” 2nd Grade Student

“Something that will always be valuable to me is when people work together, make me laugh, share things with people, and include people who are lonely.” – 5th Grade Student

“I think that learning the Ten Commandments was a great experience to change bad attitudes.” 2nd Grade Student

What did you create  that reflects your thinking and love of the Lord?

“What we did was make a Grand Man with lots of little paper people.” – 3rd Grade Student

“I really liked the pictures of angels that [we drew] in the 5th grade. It effects the way I see angels.” -8th Grade Student

“As a class we did the worship assembly to show our love of the Lord.” – 5th Grade Student

What makes our school a New Church school?

“Religion class makes reading from the Word fun.” – 4th Grade Student

“I feel like the teachers care more about how you’re doing and what you’re learning.” –7th Grade Student

“Because of the ‘C’ in BACS.” – 4th Grade Student

“We worship every day…even on field trips.” – 2nd Grade Student

“People who care about other people.” 4th Grade Student