School Theme

The school theme for BACS this year is “Covenant,” and our quote comes from the Noah story:

I will remember My covenant which is between Me and you.

Genesis 9:15

The definition of a “covenant” is: “an agreement or promise, usually formal, between two or more persons to do or not do something specified.”   The Lord’s covenant with us is that He will never stop loving us.  And that reality is as beautiful as the rainbow that symbolizes it in the Noah story.

But a covenant is more than just one person making a promise; it’s about people coming together.  The word “covenant” literally means “come together.”  “The fact that a pact [or covenant] is the presence of the Lord in love and charity is evident from the nature of a pact. Every covenant exists to tie people together; that is, the goal is for people to live in mutual friendship, or in a state of love.”  (Secrets of Heaven 1038)

This year we continue with our covenant to teach your children about loving the Lord and loving other people.  We will learn about the covenants that the Lord made with people in the Bible, and the covenants that people made with each other.

Covenants, promises, and agreements are things that we make, and then sometimes forget, and need to remember again.  They are things that we sometimes break, and need to renew. Those are the stories in the Word, because those are the stories of our lives.  And through it all, the Lord keeps loving us.

So as we attempt to keep the covenants in our lives this year, our mantra will be the Lord’s own words to Noah: “I will remember My covenant which is between Me and you.

Rev. Solomon Keal, School Pastor.

Photo by Stephen Conroy