Kindergarten – Mrs. DeMaria

Welcome to my Kindergarten classroom!  My name is Chris DeMaria and I am so excited to be teaching Kindergarten this year.  I have been a first grade teacher here at BACS for the past 24 years.   Before coming to BACS, I was a kindergarten teacher and always felt in my heart I would return to this grade.  Kindergarten provides the building blocks of social and emotional development, language, literacy, thinking and cognitive skills.  I strive to make my classroom a loving and kind environment where my students can learn with excitement and feel successful in their learning.


Contact Information

Please contact me with any questions or concerns throughout the school year.  I feel communication is key to work together in supporting your child’s happiness and learning at school.
215-947-4086 ext. 240

Alex Rogers – – Ext. 260
Serena Sutton – – 215-947-4086 ext. 259

Kelly Austin – – 215-947-4086 ext. 227
Shannon Good – –  215-947-4086 ext. 227


Kindergarten Schedule 

Kindergarten MrsDemaria Schedule 2023-2024



The Kindergarten curriculum is available at



There is no required homework in kindergarten, however a great way to contribute to your child’s learning is finding time at home when you can read with them. This will help your child develop language and listening skills and it prepares them to understand the written word. It also helps foster a love of books.


Class Parent

The role of the class parent in kindergarten is minimal. There will be a few times throughout the year when the class parent may be asked to co-ordinate food for special occasions.


Things to Know

Snack time: We have a snack in the middle of the morning.  Children this age vary considerably in the amount they prefer to eat at snack time, please send whatever you think will work best for your child. If your child is staying for Wonder Garden, it usually works best to pack their lunch in a separate container. Please also send your child with one or two water bottles depending on how much they will drink throughout the morning.

Birthdays: Birthdays will be celebrated on or close to your child’s birthday. Summer birthdays will be celebrated during the school year.  I will be in touch with you to discuss a convenient time. Parents are invited to come in to read a story on their child’s birthday if they would like to.

Recess: We play outside in almost all types of weather. Please send your child in suitable clothing for the expected weather.  Please send a pair of rain boots at the beginning of the year that can stay in your childs locker all year.  You are welcome to keep any other outdoor gear in your child’s locker that you think they may need. Girls can bring sweatpants to wear under skirts or dresses when the weather is cold.


2022-2023  School Theme
Walk in all the ways that I have commanded you.” (Jeremiah 7:23)