4th Grade – Mrs. Gunther

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In 4th grade we learn about many exciting things through research projects, hands-on creative projects, and field trips that help immerse the students in the subject. We stress the importance of charity to the neighbor and base our classroom rules off of following the Golden Rule and Ten Commandments.


Contact Information

Homeroom teacher – Mrs. Gunther – kate.gunther@bacs.org – 215-947-4086 ext 250

Religion teacher – Coleman Glenn – coleman.glenn@brynathynchurch.org 

Science teacher – Lucas Mergen – Lucas.Mergen@bacs.org – 215-947-4086 ext 249

PE teacher (girls) – Serena Sutton – serena.sutton@bacs.org – 215-947-4086 ext. 259

PE teacher (boys) – Alex Rogers – Alex.Rogers@bacs.org – 215-947-4086 ext 260

Art teacher – Linda Kees – Linda.Kees@bacs.org – 215-947-4086 ext 231

Music teacher – Nathan Odhner – Nathan.Odhner@bacs.org – 215-947-4086 ext 261


Weekly Schedule

4G Schedule 2023-2024


BACS 4th Grade Curriculum Curriculum

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4th graders are expected to spend about 40 minutes on homework each night. Homework consists mainly of 15 minutes of independent reading, math Daily Spiral review pages, rocket math fact practice, and studying the weekly spelling words and the recitation.

Students are expected to complete their homework each night. If they complete their homework, they get to complete a “homeworkopoly” roll where they can earn fun incentives. If students do not complete their homework, they receive an “oopsie” for any incomplete homework assignment. After 4 “oopsies,” students will serve a study hall. This system helps students take responsibility for their work using gentle reminders to build accountability.


Class Parent

In 4th grade we have a class parent who helps coordinate parent involvement in class parties, events, and field trips.