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Welcome to the 8th grade girls’ classroom. I hope that you will find the information you seek and will enjoy perusing this page. I have been teaching more than twenty years, more than a dozen in 8th grade at BACS. I enjoy the insights and humor of students this age, as well as the challenge of preparing them for higher education. I feel confident that whatever we tackle this year, “We can do it!” together.


Classroom Expectations and Management

 The 8th grade girls’ classroom is to be a place of safety, respect and growth. Students are expected to treat each other with kindness and encouragement. They must be truthful in word and deed, and should come to school prepared to participate positively. The school’s discipline policy is followed when corrections need to be made.


2023-24 Teachers and Contact Information

Brita Conroy brita.conroy@bacs.org extension 257

Main School number: 215-947-4086
Natalie Lambertus, School Secretary: extension 213
Kirsten Cronlund, Assistant Principal: extension 214
Rev. Solomon Keal, School Pastor: extension 209
Kris Bowyer, Principal’s Secretary: extension 216
Greg Henderson, Principal: extension 267


Pastors’ Office number: 215-947-6225
Liza Hyatt, Pastors’ Secretary: extension 200
Rev. Derek Elphick, Pastor: extension 208
Sue Adams, Business Manager’s Secretary: extension 201
Stewart Asplundh, Business Manager: extension 210



8G 2023-2024 schedule


Homework and Assessments

Homework – 8th grade girls should expect on average one hour of homework per night not including independent reading (for book reports). The amount of homework may vary greatly from night to night, so it is good for students to plan ahead as much as possible, working on long-term assignments on days they have a light homework load. In this way, they will be less burdened with work all at once (such as the night before a test). Time management and organizational skills will become indispensable as they move toward high school. Homework is posted online in Google Classroom.  

Independent Credit Reading – It is expected that eighth grade students are reading 20-30 minutes several days each week. This independent reading time is in addition to their assigned homework. Each term, students will be required to show evidence of their independent reading through a book report.

Tests – Tests are announced at least one week in advance. In the fall and winter, study guides are given with the types of questions that will be asked. They also provide a list of terms and concepts students are expected to know. It is up to the students to gather materials needed and study for several days before the test. In the spring term, students will be building their own study guides. Retesting is not an option.

Projects – From time to time, students are asked to complete a project related to their social studies or language arts courses. These are graded with specific rubrics which are shared with the students before they turn in their assigned work.

Special Programs

Cairnwood Estate (fall) In the fall, we take advantage of the resource of the Bryn Athyn Historic District to learn about life at the turn of the 20th century. Cairnwood Estate, owned by John Pitcairn, founder of the Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co., represents the American Dream experienced by industrialists of the time. By learning the story of the family who lived there, we see how greatly life changed for many Americans in the years between 1870 and 1930.

Virtual Tour (fall) In conjunction with our history unit on immigration, the 8th grade takes a virtual tour of a museum. Both the Tenement Museum in Manhattan and the National Museum of American Jewish History in Philadelphia have well-developed programs we have accessed in the past. 

Secret Santa (winter) The 8th grade girls like to have a gift exchange before Christmas. We draw names randomly and shop within a reasonable price limit. Students are encouraged to bring homemade gifts which can be inexpensive and have a loving personal touch.

Glencairn Arts (winter) In the winter, we visit the eclectic Glencairn Museum. We are given a tour of architectural elements of the building, representing various styles of design. We also have a lesson in fashion history, focusing on how fashion was shaped across decades by the events and social norms of the 20th century.  

8th Grade Play (winter) During the winter term, all 8th grade students participate in a drama production for the benefit of the younger students and the community. All students act and create set and props. Some also contribute to the show by helping with stage crew or tech crews. More detailed 8th Grade Play Info.  

Philadelphia Rock Gym (spring) The Philadelphia Rock Gym offers a teambuilding and rock climbing program which is both challenging and fun. The girls experience in a tangible way what it means to work together as a group, trusting and relying on each other as they do some fun problem solving. This activity allows them to discover their own strengths, to gain self-confidence, and to increase support and appreciation for others.


Eighth Grade Awards

Before graduation, a dozen or more BACS teachers gather to consider giving these three awards to graduating 8th graders in recognition of excellence. Any awards decided upon are presented one week before the graduation ceremony.

Academic Achievement Award The Academic Achievement Award honors the student who has earned the highest grades in her courses during eighth grade.

Charity Award The Charity Award honors the student who exhibits charity to classmates, other students, and teachers both in and out of class.  This student is seen as friendly to all, willing to help without being asked, and willing to support and share in all situations.  This student sets an example of standing up for what is right.

Outstanding Student Award -The Outstanding Student Award is the highest award a student can receive at the Bryn Athyn Church School.  It is based on exceptional performance in a variety of areas, including academic achievement, effort, affirmative attitude, cooperation, cheerfulness, charity toward classmates and teachers, honesty, positive leadership or positive influence on the class, and other such values for which we want students to be striving in a New Church school.



What to Wear for Graduation 2022


Mrs. Brita Conroy
215-947-4086 ext 257