4th Grade – Miss Adams

Welcome to Miss Adams’ class website! In 4th grade we travel around the world learning about continents and the different biomes and wildlife within them. We also study Medieval Times, poetry, reading strategies and so much more! In our religion program we focus on the heroes of the word as well as in our everyday lives. Many of our units are filled with various research projects, hands on assignments, field trips and group work. In my classroom, I believe that all students should feel safe to ask questions, cooperate together and treat each other kindly following the 10 Commandments and Golden Rule. It is also important to have fun while learning and do so using many different teaching styles.

Contact Information

Homeroom teacher – Miss Adams – emily.adams@bacs.org  – 215-947-4086 ext 236

Religion teacher – Coleman Glenn – coleman.glenn@brynathynchurch.org 

Science teacher – Lucas Mergen – Lucas.Mergen@bacs.org – 215-947-4086 ext 249

PE teacher (girls) – Serena Sutton – serena.sutton@bacs.org – 215-947-4086 ext. 259

PE teacher (boys) – Alex Rogers – Alex.Rogers@bacs.org – 215-947-4086 ext 260

Art teacher – Linda Kees – Linda.Kees@bacs.org – 215-947-4086 ext 231

Music teacher – Nathan Odhner – Nathan.Odhner@bacs.org – 215-947-4086 ext 261



4A Schedule 2023-2024



The 4th grade curriculum is available at  https://brynathynchurchschool.org/programs/curriculum-k-8/fourth-grade/



In 4th grade, students are expected to spend about 40 minutes on homework each night. These 40 minutes are broken down into daily math work, math fact practice, studying for weekly spelling tests, memorizing recitations and reading for 15 minutes each night. When homework is fully completed each night, students are rewarded with a roll for a class designed Homeworkopoly game. When homework is not completed, students receive an “oopsie”. After 4 “oopsies” students will begin to serve study halls. Because homework completion is expected these incentives and consequences help keep students accountable and responsible for their work.


Class Parent

In 4th grade we have a class parent who helps coordinate parent involvement in class parties, events, and field trips. 


Additional Information

4th Grade Reading Suggestions

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