5th Grade – Mrs. Adams

Welcome to the fifth grade website.  In Fifth grade we emphasize the importance of friendship, which takes on a new importance as they develop a greater awareness of self. Fifth graders are interested in the world around them and are interesting in learning about different cultures. The Golden Rule and the Ten Commandments are the basis for our classroom rules.


I am a passionate educator who loves to help children grow academically, socially, and emotionally. As a teacher I seek to be a facilitator, mentor, and a role model to my students. My job as a teacher is to help my students grow in confidence in themselves and to become capable members of society. I seek to use the Lord’s Word and the Writings to help guide my instruction and to teach my students the value in looking to the Lord as well as the peace that comes with prayer. I want to be a leader to my students for, “Leadership is communicating a person’s worth and potential so clearly that they are inspired to see it in themselves” (Covey et al, 2014).  My sincere hope for all my students is that they will seek to live lives of useful service, to continue their path of growth, and to become lifelong learners and leaders of their own lives.


Contact Information:

Homeroom Teacher – Beth Adams   215 947 4086 ext. 244 beth.adams@bacs.org

Religion – Jeffrey Smith: 215 947 4086 ext. 226 jeffrey.smith@brynathynchurch.org

Science – Gail Neukum: 215 947 4086 ext. 219 gail.neukum@bacs.org

Music – Nathan Odhner: 215 947 4086 ext. 261 nathan.odhner@bacs.org

Art – Linda Kees: 215 947 4086 ext. 231 linda.kees@bacs.org

Gym – Alex Rogers: 215 947 4086 ext. 260 alex.rogers@bacs.org

Gym – Serena Sutton – serena.sutton@bacs.org – 215-947-4086 ext. 259


Weekly Schedule

5A Schedule 2023-2024



The fifth grade curriculum is available at https://brynathynchurchschool.org/programs/curriculum-k-8/fifth-grade/

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Spelling Lists



In Fifth Grade children need to see homework as their responsibility. Students will record nightly homework in their student planner. It is expected that there will be approximately 50 minutes of homework nightly. Fifteen of these minutes will be daily credit reading.



In Fifth Grade students will have assessments in most subject areas. They will have weekly spelling tests, unit math and grammar tests, subject area tests in history in geography which require studying from study guides. A score on a test of below 70% will require a retest.


Fifth Grade Programs and Events

 At Christmas there is a fiesta featuring Mexican Christmas traditions as a culmination of our study of Central America and Mexico. At the fiesta they break a class piñata that they created.

In spring term each student studies extensively, a state. They create a notebook of their research.

 At the end of the year, there is a Colonial Day celebration where each student researches and demonstrates a particular colonial trade for the school and community.  They dress in colonial clothes and have a display of their trade.


Field Trips

In the spring we take a field trip to Peter Wentz Homestead to visit a colonial home and farm and learn of colonial crafts.