6th Grade – Mrs. Daum

October News

Congratulations on finishing the Mouse Houses!

The Mouse Houses look terrific! The Frisbys’ would enjoy living in each one.  I can see that each student used their creativity, and yet still followed the instructions. Stop by to see the results.

Weekly Homework

Homework for the Week of Oct. 14

Weekly Spelling List

Spelling Words for Unit 8; test Oct. 17

Project Information

Handbook and Weekly Schedule, etc.

SCHEDULE 2019-2020

Parent Handbook 2019

Math Codes for website Homework Help

Math Website

Student Handbook 2019


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
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Field Trip to the Cathedral 8-9 am

Western Europe Content test

Realistic Fiction book finished


Spelling Test Unit 8


Sign of the Beaver ch. 1-5 Reading quiz

21 22 23

Realistic Fiction book report due


Spelling Test Unit 9


Sign of the Beaver ch. 6-10 Reading quiz

28 29 30 31

Spelling Test Unit 10

Sign of the Beaver ch. 11-15 Reading quiz


No school for students; teacher in-service

4 5 6

Eastern Europe Countries and Capitals test

Study Site A

Study Site B

Study Site C


Spelling Test Homophone set 1


Sign of the Beaver ch. 16-20 Reading quiz