3rd Grade – Mrs. Conaron

Welcome to Mrs. Conaron’s 3rd Grade!

This year’s school theme is “I Will Lift Up My Eyes to the Mountains” Psalm 121:1

 Our school theme is woven into all the experiences that will happen in 3rd Grade this year.  Whether learning, playing, or working, we are always looking for the way the Lord is leading us to His kingdom.


Contact Information:

Homeroom Teacher: Cynthia Conaron Cynthia.conaron@bacs.org 215-947-4086 x 266

Art Teacher: Linda Kees linda.kees@bacs.org 215-947-4086 extension 231

Music Teacher: Nathan Odhner nathan.odhner@bacs.org 215-947-4086 extension 261

Gym Teachers:
Serena Sutton
serena.sutton@bacs.org 215-947-4086 extension 259
Alex Rogers alex.rogers@bacs.org 215-947-4086 extension 260

Librarians: Shannon Good  Shannon.good@bacs.org  and Kelly Austin Kelly.austin@bacs.org 215-947-4086 extension 227

Weekly Schedule

3rd Grade Schedule – Mrs. Conaron 2023-2024



Please see the third grade curriculum at https://brynathynchurchschool.org/programs/curriculum-k-8/third-grade/ 



The expectation in 3rd Grade is that students will spend 35 minutes on homework each night Monday through Thursday. Each night they will write one entry in their daily journal for 5 minutes, read for 15 minutes, and practice the weekly recitation for 5 minutes. In addition to these assignments, they should spend ten minutes on the following homework:

Monday: Spelling sentences
Tuesday: Math
Wednesday: Map Skills/Science
Thursday: Review for spelling test

Homework should be completed in pencil. Homework will be handed in the following day. If the student establishes a pattern of forgetting homework, I will reach out to you to see how the student may benefit from support at home to help make sure they stay current with assignments.


Class Parent

The 3rd Grade class parent helps in a few ways. They may arrange snacks for gatherings, organize parent help to chaperone on field trips, wash costumes after the mythology plays in the spring, and anything else that may come up during the year that parent help would be appreciated.



Acknowledging students’ birthdays are an important part of the social emotional well-being of a child. Although it is the school’s policy to refrain from bringing food treats from home, each child is celebrated on their special day with a sticker, homework pass, activity booklet, pencil, and birthday hat to wear. I post a festive sign that the students see when they come in for the day that all the students see. (If a family chooses, they may send in small non-food prizes/favors to give classmates to celebrate, but this is completely optional and not something that happens routinely but they are welcome to do so.)


Highlights of Third Grade

Some exciting highlights of third grade are the Grandparent Friend program. Third graders write to a grandparent friend that is assigned to them at the beginning of the school year. About once a month, the grandparent friends visit the classroom to do curriculum related or service projects with the students on Thursday afternoons for about an hour. Grandparent friends do not have to be biological grandparents of any student. They are individuals who wish to have a connection with the school and establish a relationship in the school classroom with a third grade student. If you know anyone who would like to participate in the program, please let me know.

The 3rd Grade puts on two special events that welcome families and parents into the classroom. Hero day is the culmination of student research of a hero of their choosing. They dress as their hero in a “living wax museum” format and interact with guests to talk about the various projects they completed over the course of their study.

Dinosaur Museum takes place at the end of the school year and follows the same format as Hero Day. The students create dinosaurs based on the research they do about various actual dinosaurs. They create projects and display them along with writing projects that demonstrate their knowledge of dinosaurs and the period in which they lived.

In the spring, 3rd Graders perform Greek mythology plays. Mythology is taught from a perspective that the ancient Greek and Roman gods represented various aspects of the Lord.


Field Trips

3rd Graders take field trips that enhance and strengthen the curriculum. We walk to the Glencairn Museum twice in the school year. Once to visit the Tabernacle Model and Egypt room while studying the Israelites and the Exodus. The second time we visit in the spring to visit the Roman gallery during our study of ancient Greece and Rome.


Book Order Information

Periodically throughout the school year, we order books from Scholastic Book Clubs. Our Online order code is: H6MHM


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3rd Grade Handbook 2023-2024