3rd Grade – Mrs. Conaron

3rd Grade HandbookHANDBOOK-2019-2020

Welcome to Mrs. Conaron’s Third Grade!

Third Grade February News

Hello Families! February is getting off to a wonderful start. We have learned about the Tabernacle of Israel and continue reading of the journey toward the promised land.  Our school theme fits so nicely with this part of the story and the students love hearing about all the ways the Lord is leading His people. The students are doing a fabulous job remembering to bring their Hebrew Commandment to Worship each day.  The audio file is at the top of the website.

We will take a trip to GLENCAIRN museum on Thursday, February 6th at 12:30. Please send your child to school in good walking shoes, as we will be walking up there. They are welcome to change into something besides school shoes if necessary.

In math we have begun our addition and subtraction Olympics.  This is a fun way to build fluency in solving multi-digit addition and subtraction problems. The students work at a pace that is right for themselves and move through six sets. The problems have the students regrouping with addition and subtraction. They are doing an amazing job!!

In Literacy, we are busy preparing for Hero Day on February 27th at 10:30 am. Please look for a paper in your child’s back pack inviting you to attend. The students are doing an amazing job reading their hero biographies and preparing lots of creative writing assignments to teach others about specific heroes.  I am looking forward to them sharing all they are learning with you!

There will also be a grandparent friend gathering the same day. It will take place at 1:30 that same afternoon, but the format will be different. I will send a sign up genius via email for refreshment sign ups. Thank you for contributing so many wonderful things for our Valentine card party last Grandparent gathering.  We made enough Valentines for every resident of Cairnwood Village to receive one!

Some reminders:

We have been so lucky with a nice mild winter.  Please remember to have your child wear clothing that is cold weather friendly.  We do go out most days.

If your child brings a heat-up and it is not their microwave day, that is just fine, they will just go after the others whose day it is. No problem.

Please refrain from bringing GLASS jars and containers in your child’s snack/lunch.  If they break, the small shards go everywhere, and are very hard to get all of them.  We do lots of partner work and activities on the floor, so we are just looking out for everyone’s safety.  (We have had one of these such containers shatter  this week and it left a child feeling sad and upset). I had been planning on sending this reminder before that even. Thank you for keeping everyone’s safety a priority.

Half way through the year friendly dress code reminder:  Please help your child choose clothing free of holes/tears in knees and other places.  Pants must be uniform cut for boys and girls, not skinny and tight-fitting. As little ones start to grow, its a good time to assess skirt lengths and things before spring. Thank you!


Please use the links below to access our class handbook for important information about our curriculum throughout the year, classroom rules, Specialist class days, and other important information.

Schedule 20192020



Book Order Information: On line order code: H6MHM

Current Recitation:

One line a week (and the subsequent lines before that) of the First Commandment in Hebrew will be due each week beginning

Friday, January 31st

Each student was given a laminated copy of the recitation. They are welcome and encouraged to keep practicing if they say any lines ahead of schedule.

Envisions Math 



Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
3 4 5 6

Trip to Glencairn

10 11 12 13 14

Class Valentine Party

17NO SCHOOL 18 19 20


24 25 26 27

Hero Day 10:30 am

party 1:30

2 3

4 5 6

Spring break begins at 12:15

Upcoming dates:

Glencairn trip: Thursday, February 6, at 12:30-2:30

Class Valentine Party: Friday February 14th

No School: February 17th

Grandparent Gathering: Thursday, February 27th at 1:30.

(See above calendar)