7th Grade Girls – Mrs. Reuter

Welcome to 7th Grade Girls! A fun year full of friendship, courage, compassion, and working towards goals.



7G Schedule 2023-2024


Contact Information

Home Room Teacher:
Carla Reuter carla.reuter@bacs.org 215-947-4086 x254

Specialist Teachers:
Malcolm Smith (religion) malcolm.smith@brynathynchurch.org : 215-947-4086 x207
Linda Kees (art) linda.kees@bacs.org : 215-947-4086 x231
Nathan Odhner (music) nathan.odhner@bacs.org: 215-947-4086 x261
Heather McCurdy (PE) heather.mccurdy@bacs.org 215-947-4086 x259
Gail Neukum (science) gail.neukum@bacs.org: 215-947-4086 x219
Tony Griffin (Spanish) tony.griffin@bacs.org: 215-947-4086 x245



7th grade homework should take about 70 minutes on average and is always posted on Google Classroom. Checking Classroom daily is part of the homework routine.

Study guides are provided for tests when applicable in subjects like geography and history. These are checked for accuracy and distributed in advance of test days to allow for enough study time.



The seventh grade curriculum is available at https://brynathynchurchschool.org/programs/curriculum-k-8/seventh-grade/