1st-8th Art

Linda Kees

Hi!  Welcome to the BACS Art Program webpage.  Here you will find some basic information and how to contact me if needed.  

I am Linda Kees and I have been a teacher at BACS for over 30 years.  I have taught in the regular classroom at several different grade levels.  I have been the art teacher for almost 10 years.

The art program is fun and active.  We are constantly learning about artists, types of art and working on stretching the students’ creativity and confidence through a large variety of projects, experiences and mediums. 

Contact Information

Please feel free to contact me with any questions;  Linda.Kees@bacs.org or 215-947-4086 ext. 231



I teach art to the First – Eighth grades.  Each section has their own art period once a week.  Art Schedule 2023-2024



The goal of the BACS Art Program is to meet the National and PA academic standards for the education in the arts and humanities as well as incorporate the General Church visual arts curriculum.

The curriculum promotes visual literacy through studies in art history, aesthetics, art appreciation and criticism by looking at and creating a wide variety of art in different forms and mediums.

While attention to the development of strong performance skills (product) is an important part of any art program, at BACS we focus on creating art, learning historical connections and context, aesthetic and critical analysis, as well as application to life.  We focus on the process and the experience of the student, not solely on the end results.  The students are given the opportunity to learn about themselves, others, and how art can apply to their life now and in the future.  Students are given the chance to stretch themselves creatively as they learn and explore a variety of skills.

Art enables us to perceive, interpret, evaluate, appreciate and experience the Lord’s creation in a tangible way.  The art curriculum is designed to develop the unique mental capabilities that foster flexible, divergent, original, fluent and imaginative thinking in our students.  This exposure and these experiences also present an opportunity to develop higher levels of thought and critical thinking as they revel in the diversity, gifts and expressions of others (the neighbor) and the Lord’s creation.