5th Grade – Mrs. Dibb

Welcome to the fifth grade website.  In fifth grade we emphasize the importance of friendship, which takes on a new importance as the students develop a greater awareness of self. Fifth graders are interested in the world around them and are interesting in learning about different cultures. I try to view each of my students as an individual created by the Lord, while at the same time I try to develop a class identity through bonding. A sense of order is important, and we look to The Golden Rule and the Ten Commandments as the basis for our classroom rules.


Contact Information:

Homeroom Teacher – Cara Dibb   215 947 4086 ext. 230 cara.dibb@bacs.org

Religion – Philip Schnarr: 215 947 4086 ext. 226 phil.schnarr@brynathynchurch.org

Science – Gail Neukum: 215 947 4086 ext. 219 gail.neukum@bacs.org

Music – Nathan Odhner: 215 947 4086 ext. 261 nathan.odhner@bacs.org

Art – Linda Kees: 215 947 4086 ext. 231 linda.kees@bacs.org

Gym – Alex Rogers: 215 947 4086 ext. 260 alex.rogers@bacs.org

Gym – Heather McCurdy: 215 947 4086 ext. 259 heather.mccurday@bacs.org


Weekly Schedule

5D Schedule 2021-2022



The fifth grade curriculum is available at https://brynathynchurchschool.org/programs/curriculum-k-8/fifth-grade/

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Spelling Lists

Fifth Grade Programs and Events

 At Christmas there is a fiesta featuring Mexican Christmas traditions as a culmination of our study of Central America and Mexico. At the fiesta they break a class piñata that they created.

In spring term each student studies extensively, a state. They create a notebook of their research.

 At the end of the year, there is a Colonial Day celebration where each student researches and demonstrates a particular colonial trade for the school and community.  They dress in colonial clothes and have a display of their trade.


Field Trips

In the spring we take a field trip to Peter Wentz Homestead to visit a colonial home and farm and learn of colonial crafts.