Second Grade


“The Lord is our Shepherd and Creator”


Second graders’ small motor strength, coordination, and attention spans continue to develop. They throw themselves into tasks and games, sometimes to exhaustion. They can independently care for most of their physical needs. With this in mind, we offer a variety of learning experiences, so each child can feel successful in various ways. Highlights of the year include feasts connected to social studies units, and trips to the Lenape Village and the Philadelphia Zoo.


The students begin a sequential study of the Word of the Lord learning the key stories of Genesis. These stories provide a rich foundation for teaching the children about the Lord as their Shepherd and Creator. The students also study the Ancient Church. We use various recitations throughout the year to reinforce our worship units. The children also memorize the 23rd Psalm (in sign language), which is core for the religious theme for second grade, and the Ten Commandments.


Second graders are building on their reading ability. They are reading works of fiction (i.e. fairy tales), or to gain information. Therefore, reading is often integrated with our units in science and social studies. To reach the needs of each child, our reading methods vary. We sometimes read in groups of heterogeneous ability. Often we read in pairs, or groups of three or four. Phonics is studied through a workbook program. In the fall and winter, we also learn the letters of the Hebrew alphabet, since it is the language of the Old Testament.


We work on both imaginative and factual writing. We focus on writing complete sentences, which includes basic writing mechanics.


Students learn 10 words a week, along with 2 optional challenge words. Activities are based on Rebecca Sitton’s work. Every fifth week is a review week. At the end of the year, students are expected to have mastered the 75 core words from the BACS spelling curriculum, as well as the BACS religious words.


The first half of second grade is spent mastering the printed alphabet. We begin teaching the lower case cursive letters in the winter term. Students will write in cursive in their daily work when they have learned all the letters.


Second grade follows the Envisions math program. This program includes work on basic addition and subtraction, place value to 1,000, multi-digit addition and subtraction, geometry, fractions, money, measurement, time, graphs, and an introduction to multiplication and division. Students also frequently practice basic addition and subtraction through the continuation of the Rocket Math program.

Social Studies

The focus is on the theme of “The Lord is our Shepherd,” as we learn how the Lord provides for people around the world. In addition, we note how geography affects specific cultures, especially their food, clothing and shelter. Specifically, we study Native Americans, Ancient Nomads and Ancient Egypt. Informal map skills continue to be introduced.


Science units focus on the miracles to be found in the Lord’s creation. We introduce the children to the Lord’s three kingdoms (animal, vegetable, mineral), and study parts of them in depth. These studies include bees, birds, muscles, magnets, water, weather, ants, fish, baby animals and plants.

Library—led by librarian

2nd grade visits the library once a week to hear read aloud books covering a range of topics from silly humor to quiet contemplation with particular focus on the beauty of the diversity that surrounds us in all areas of life.  Once a month is a “good fit” book day when the librarian book talks several books and the students practice searching the library for books that are a fit in both reading level and interests.  On good fit book days, students will have time for silent independent reading.  During each library class, students can check out books to put in their book box in the classroom and/or take home.  In the context of love to the neighbor and good stewardship, students are reminded about book care and about having the responsibility to keep track of and return the books they borrow from the library so that many other students may enjoy the books as well.


Second graders are taught how to use the keyboard and some of its special functions through Type to Learn, Junior and are introduced to word processing and computer drawing. Reading and math concepts are also reinforced through a variety of educational games.

Art—specialist teacher

The second grade continues to build on the basic art skills and vocabulary they know. They learn some art history and enjoy exposure to a variety of art. They explore their own creativity as they work on a variety of projects. Many of these are integrated with their classroom studies.

Music—specialist teacher

In second grade music, students sing, move, and play a variety of pitched and non-pitched instruments. Musical repertoire includes folk songs and hymns in notation and by rote.

Physical Education—specialist teacher

The physical education program provides the students with a standards based program that is developmentally and culturally appropriate and highly active. It fosters a lifelong commitment to a healthy lifestyle. The emphasis in the primary grades is on throwing, catching, eye-hand coordination, cooperation skills, running, skipping and activities that help children develop the ability to cross the midline of their bodies.