Primary Religious Pageant

The primary unit put on their biennial religious pageant on Friday, each classroom acting out a parable from the New Testament. These included The Sower, The Wise and Foolish Virgins, The Lost Sheep, The Wedding Feast, The Wheat and Tares, The Dragnet and The House on the Rock. The simple style of the scenes allowed the students to feel confident in their roles and set an innocent tone. The audience, which included parents, grandparents and community members, was treated to interpretations of The Word which could only come from a cast of children. In his welcoming remarks, Pastor Schnarr asked us to let ourselves enjoy the innocence which the children brought to the room. He also asked us to be aware of the joy which these scenes were bringing not just to us, but also to the Lord and the angels in heaven. On behalf of all of us in the audience, I would like to thank the primary students and all of their teachers for providing us with such a special way to end our week.

Greg Henderson