The Book Fair

Last week was our annual Scholastic Book Fair. This event is a hugely successful fundraiser for the school. This year we earned over $8,500. A portion of this money is used to supply books to the classrooms and to give a free book each student who meets the summer reading challenge. The remaining money is used to purchase new books for our library. The collections in our library is a strength of our school. Sharon Neiger and Kelly Austin work hard to add updated resource materials as well as the latest novels and new children’s books. We are fortunate to have the library we do, and the money raised through the book fair goes a long way in supporting it. The book fair is more than just a fundraiser though; it is a celebration of books. My favorite part is watching all of the students, either during school or when they have returned with their families, eagerly moving from one table to the text, flipping through pages and getting excited about books. Thanks to all of you who came to the fair this year and supported our students’ relationship with books.

Greg Henderson