Staffing News

Carla Reuter will begin teaching seventh grade next year, moving from her current position in fourth grade. Mrs. Reuter has successfully taught fourth grade at BACS for over a decade and taught first grade and preschool before that. It will be exciting to see her in this new role. Mrs. Reuter has felt a sense of being drawn to the state of the seventh grade girl. Through her coaching and her experience with her own daughters and their friends, Mrs. Reuter has an understanding of both the needs of young teenage girls but also an appreciation for their strengths. She is excited to apply her skills as a classroom teacher to the 7th grade curriculum, helping guide the students from the intermediate unit to 8th grade.


Roller Skating Fundraiser

Last month BACS held their annual roller skating fund raiser. We were able to raise over $700 for the school while families socialized and had a fun evening. This year the event was generously sponsored by two of our families. Thank you to them and to everyone who supported this fundraiser.

Greg Henderson