Staffing News for 2015-2016

Five individuals are stepping into new roles this school year.

AidanAidan Asplundh is taking over our 7th and 8th grade Spanish program.  A recent Bryn Athyn College graduate, Miss Asplundh brings with her both a background in the Spanish language and experience working with school groups as an educational intern at Glencairn museum.


 lynneLynne Pitcairn is returning to her role as a student support center teacher.  Mrs. Pitcairn, who holds a master’s degree in special education, has spent the past several years as a substitute teacher in our school.  She is a creative, professional educator committed to New Church Education and to supporting her students in the best ways possible.


BethBeth Moraux is moving from the student support center to become the second grade homeroom teacher.  In her previous educational roles Mrs. Moraux has shown us to be dedicated, professional, sincerely interested in the work of New Church Education, and someone thirsty for knowledge of how to best help students reach their fullest potential.


alineAline Brown is making the transition from second grade teacher to third grade teacher.  Mrs. Brown brings with her 14 years of experience in our primary unit and an excitement for teaching the third grade curriculum.  She is known for her love of education, her willingness to try new things, and her ability to motivate her students.


natNatalie Lambertus is becoming our school secretary.  Mrs. Lambertus brings not only ten years of experience as an active parent in our school but also eight years of experience as a New Church teacher in the Olivet Day School.  Her personable, professional and detailed oriented manner along with her love of organization will make her a perfect fit for this important role.