School Opening

Bryn Athyn Church School opened our 121st school year on Tuesday, August 28. After months of quiet preparation, it was so nice to have 275 students in our building again. They are, after all, why we are here. In our school opening worship service, our school pastor, Rev. Solomon Keal, introduced this year’s school theme, I will remember My covenant which is between Me and you. He spoke to the students about how a covenant is a bringing together and that our covenant with the Lord brings us closer to Him. A covenant, or agreement, is not simply about one party coming together with another though, and while the Lord is always moving towards us, they are things we need to do to move closer to Him. This is true about the other agreements in other lives as well. I spoke to the students about what is necessary this year in order for them to be prepared for next year. Their teachers will be working hard to teach them, but there is also work for them to do in order to learn. We have a great group of students and families in our school this year. I am looking forward to seeing how 2018-19 plays out.
Greg Henderson, Principal

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