Resolutions and Goals

January 2nd was BACS’s first day of classes in 2018. For many people the beginning of a new calendar year is a time for self-reflection and goal setting.  In the school, however, we are not standing at the beginning of a year but rather at the midpoint.  Our time for resolutions was in August and September. Instead of this being a time to set resolutions, perhaps it is best a time to check in on the goals set in the fall. Sometimes winter can be a time ripe for feelings of lethargy, but as a classroom teacher, I also saw it as a time when students made some of their biggest strides of the year.  Yes, the excitement of December is behind us and the energy of warm spring days seems way over the horizon, but these months, in many ways, could be the most important of the year. And despite missing days and partial days to snow and ice the first weeks back, there are already signs in the school of work on units such as The Vikings, Africa and The Ten Commandments as well as on major projects like The Explorer Puppet Show, Hero Day and The 8th Grade Play. As always, please contact me if you would like to know more about what our students are doing or to stop by for a visit.


Greg Henderson