Principal’s Council

pcBACS benefits from a strong working relationship with the parents and guardians of our student body. This relationship can be seen through the regular communication which happens back and forth each day as well as through events such as our parent night meetings and the upcoming conferences. Another key piece to supporting this relationship is the Principal’s Council. This group, which meets once a month throughout the school year, is comprised of twelve parents, members of the school administration, and representatives from the four units of the school. The council serves three important uses for the school. It is a means of communication from the families to the school and likewise an avenue from the school to families. It is also a forum for discussing issues related to the school. We had our first meeting of the year a week ago and were able to welcome four new members. I have been impressed with the nature of the councils that I have been able to work with over these past few years. While there are times when there are differing points of view, the conversation has always been centered around what is best for the students. The council has served, and continues to serve, as a strong foundation for the positive working relationship we have with our families.

Greg Henderson