Parent Night

parentnight2015There are several evening meetings in the month of September at BACS. Thursday was the first of three Parent Nights we will have, one for each unit. These meetings are a chance for the parents to visit their children’s classrooms, sit in the desks, leave notes for the students and hear about the upcoming year from the teacher. It is an important forum for both the parents and the teachers as it begins a year of conversations. Looking around the classrooms during one of these meetings, it can be visually striking to see the parents sitting in their children’s desks. At times throughout the year, when we think about how much they care and support their children, it can feel almost as if they are present at those desks, and for that one night we get to see what that physically looks like. Besides the classroom Parent Nights, there is also an additional gathering for parents new to the school. This was held last Tuesday and was a wonderful chance to welcome and get to know our new families. At the end of this meeting some of the parents shared the reasons why they chose BACS for their children. These included the focus on spiritual growth, the sense of community, the common values shared by other families, the ways in which all the subjects are taught for eternal application, and the protection that is given to childhood and to innocence. September is a month filled with meetings and with reminders of how important our students are to the adults in their lives. We are grateful that they have entrusted us with them.


Greg Henderson