New Virtual Versions of Traditional Events at BACS

Typically the spring term is full of milestone projects and events at BACS. While this spring is very different, creative teachers have been finding ways to have virtual versions of some of these activities. Examples include the second and third grades who put together versions of their mythology plays and puppet shows by editing together scenes that the students filmed at home. The 8th graders recorded themselves reading their children’s stories and then sent the videos to the second graders. The fifth grade is turning their Colonial Day into a virtual museum. Mr. Keal and the fourth graders put on their scheduled religious assembly by editing together video clips, artwork, and narration, all from home. This week the sixth grade will be broadcasting live webinars with student presenters in place of their annual country fair. Obviously, graduation will also be different this year. There will be a prerecorded version of the speeches and the slideshow, and then the graduates will be driving through town in a celebration parade. Look for them on Tomlinson, Waverly, Alden, South and Quarry Roads around 12:45 on Friday, June 5th.

Greg Henderson