Harvest Festival

primary-harvest-2016The primary grades celebrated the arrival of autumn last Monday when they held their annual Harvest Festival. The festival is an amazing collection of eleven outside craft stations laid out for the students. There are pumpkins to decorate, candles to dip, popcorn to thread, headband to decorate and so much more. As the classes arrive, the students are able to spread out and move from station to station, following their own interests, working on the crafts that catch their eye, mixing with students from other grades as they go. Each class spends only part of their morning at the festival but it is an event I know they remember years later because I hear the older students still talking about it. Of course none of this experience could be possible if it wasn’t for the careful planning by the teachers and the work of all of the parent volunteers. It is remarkable to see more than thirty parents spread throughout the playground space helping our young students with a kind word and an encouraging smile. Thanks to everyone who helped the kids leave the school that day with wonderful memories and a paper bag full of harvest projects.