Happy Thanksgiving

When Abraham Lincoln established Thanksgiving as a recurring national holiday, he spoke eloquently about the reason for it. To his reckoning the nation had benefitted from growth and prosperity but had forgotten the role that God had played in their good fortune. He worried that the country was falling into the temptation of attributing their successes to themselves. BACS will be celebrating Thanksgiving this week in a number of ways. There will be plays, feasts, prayers, songs, projects and food drives, all of which will send our students off on break with an affection for Thanksgiving that may color the holiday for them throughout their lives. But while we look forward to celebrating Thanksgiving each year and value its purpose, I would like to think that the need is not so great as the one President Lincoln saw. Through our daily worships and chapels, our religion classes, and the New Church instruction that is woven throughout each of our academic days, I hope that our students are far from forgetting the role God plays in each of their lives. I hope that each of our families has a wonderful Thanksgiving break, filled with good food, family time and one additional, momentous opportunity for our students to be grateful for all that the Lord has given them.

Greg Henderson