Departing Staff Members

Unfortunately three of our staff members, Mary Abele, Jodi Carr and Sue Hyatt have announced that they will be leaving BACS at the end of this school year. While all members of the Student Support Center, these women have performed three different roles for our school, all with dedication and a love for their students. Mary’s work over the past two years as our counselor has helped to make significant positive changes in the lives of her students. Jodi’s dedication to supporting her students in language arts and math has been clear to all who have worked with her over her 15 years. Sue launched the current enrichment program 14 years ago and has provided her students with a place to be uniquely challenged ever since. The departure of these three members of our staff will certainly impact our school, however we wish them all well as they move in their new directions and thank them for all that have done for our students.


Greg Henderson