BACS Elective Program

We are excited that this year we are able to once again have our 7th and 8th grade elective program. The goal of this program, which runs for an hour each Friday, is to provide students with opportunities to try new experiences and to pursue interests that are not part of the standard school day. It also allows for students from all of our four upper unit classrooms to mix together and get to know students they may not spend a lot of time with. We are currently in the first of four sessions. This session includes cooking, tennis, photography, ultimate, CrossFit, games, and puppet creation. The classes are led by a combination of BACS teachers and community members. Over the years the electives have become a highlight of the students’ week and we are excited that they are back. If you have thoughts about other topics we could offer or if you have questions about the program, please let me know.

Greg Henderson