A New Year

Tuesday, August 29, marks the beginning of the 120th school year of Bryn Athyn Church School. There is an excitement associated with the first day of school as it is the source of so many new beginnings. All of our students are in their new classrooms for the first time and meeting their new teachers. For some of our students and their families this is also their first day at BACS and we are excited to have them join our school community. We are also excited to be welcoming new staff members to our faculty and seeing teachers in new roles. Tony Griffin and Nadine Martz are new homeroom teachers this year, Kim Alden and Monica Gruber are new student support center teachers, and Andrea Cranch and Saryluz Ramos are teacher’s assistants. 2017-18 promises to be a good year at BACS and we are thrilled for it to be under way.

Greg Henderson, Principal