A New Session of Elective Classes for Our Upper Unit

Each Friday the 7th and 8th graders have an elective period which allows them to learn more about a topic that interests them or to try something for the first time. They ended their third session of classes before we went to break. In this session some students learned the guitar with Mr. Odhner and others made three dimensional maps of Civil War battles with Mr. Hyatt. A third group took a cooking class with Mrs. Huff which culminated in a Chopped-style cooking contest. Mr. Daryl Baker taught a group of students an architecture class where the students created designs for a new school building and presented their plans to a panel of experts. Another section took a do-it-yourself course with Johnny Huff and learned skills like plumbing, drywall repair, and car maintenance. This week a new session of electives begins and the students get a whole new set of experiences.