10th Year for BA Church Preschool

The Bryn Athyn Church Preschool opened its doors on September 6, beginning its 10th year of service. Our three teachers–Brooke Childs, Kelleen Butler and Lori Odhner– along with their assistants, Dianne Gallagher and Joy Cole, and the Director, Joanne Kiel, are providing 36 children with three warm and nurturing programs. It is remarkable to see the young children already feeling comfortable playing with new friends in their room or exploring the outside world together as a class. These years are a time of discovery for these children and the preschool is a wonderful environment for that guided discovery to take place. Through worship, hands-on learning, play, and lots of time spent outside the children are led to learn about the Lord, their world and the people around them. If you have any questions about the preschool, feel free to ask me or Joanne Kiel.

Greg Henderson