Managing Child and Teen Anxiety

We are pleased to offer an informational evening to the parents of Bryn Athyn Church School and Academy of the New Church students on Tuesday, February 19th at 7:30pm. Kiri Rogers, a licensed therapist and psychology professor at Bryn Athyn College, will be giving a presentation on strategies for dealing with anxiety in children and teens. (See the write up below for more information)  The rising level of anxiety in young people is something we have been discussing as a faculty and have addressed with groups of our students and their parents. We hope that this event will be beneficial to you in your guidance of your children. We will be meeting from 7:30-8:30pm in Heilman Hall.
Managing Child and Teen Anxiety:
Strategies for Parents and Families
Everyone worries and feels anxious at times.
Childhood fears and worries are normal, but excessive worrying and the cycle of behaviors that follow adversely influence a child’s/teen’s learning, social development, and family life. For some, the impact can be severe. Worry and anxiety can also become powerful and restrictive, disrupting families in ways that lead to avoidance, missed school, outbursts, conflict, and often depression if left untreated.
This presentation will include strategies to challenge the pattern of anxiety such as:
 -How to encourage young people to step into difficult situations, rather than avoid them
-Focus clearly on goals, and making adjustments…without being ruled by anxiety and worry
-Support in how to respond in ways that promote action over avoidance, and teach young people anxiety reducing skills such as problem solving, tolerating uncertainty, and emotional management.
Q and A time included.
Kiri Rogers is a PA Licensed psychotherapist working with individuals, families and school districts for over 20 years. She is also an Assistant Professor of Psychology and Department Chair at Bryn Athyn College.