Google Classrom for 5-8

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Google Classroom Help for Students and Parents


Students and Parents – we all will need to get creative about getting the students the help they may need to get up and running in Google Classroom and other Google applications because we can’t help in person.  Here are some ideas and options:

  • Ask Older Siblings for Help:  All 7th and 8th grade BACS students have been using Google Classroom for at least the last 7 months and could provide guidance.  ANC students also use Google Classroom and could be helpful.

  •  Watch a Helpful Video:  We have included a bunch of videos below that will walk you through different parts of the Google experience.  Look for one that might cover what you need or watch them all! 

  • Parents Ask Google Search a Question:  Try asking a question google search a question about Google Classroom like “How do I turn in an assignment in Google Classroom” and check the first couple options.  Its amazing how well this can work (sometimes). 

  • Contact Mrs. D: If students or parents are stuck and need personal help they should contact Laura D’Angelo.   Mrs. D. is waiting for your email at or a phone call.  Homeroom teachers will send you Mrs. D’s phone number.  We are also working on getting Mrs. D the ability to share screens to help support students.  Stay tuned for that.  For tech or Google Classroom challenges please don’t contact your homeroom teacher, instead contact Mrs. D.


Helpful Videos

NEW – Working with Comments in Google Classroom with Mr. Hyatt

How to Join a Google Classroom with Mr. Griffin

How to Join a Google Classroom with a Code

NEW – Reset Your Password with Mr. Griffin

Checking Your Gmail with Mr. Hyatt

Using the “Classwork” Tab in Google Classroom with Mr. Hyatt

Turning In and Adding Docs to an Assignment with Mr. Hyatt

Using the Google Classroom Menu, or “Hamburger,” Menu with Mr. Hyatt

Tour of Gmail, Classroom and Google Drive with Mr. Griffin

Using DocHub to Draw on PDF documents  – Get DocHub for Chrome Browser on Chrome Web Store

How to Photograph Classwork with Mr. Mergen


Student Guide to Google Classroom:




What is G-suite for Education?

G-suite for Education is the name Google gives to a package of online tools that work really well together for both teachers and students.  G-suite for short,  includes Google Drive, Gmail, Google Classroom, Google Docs and a many other online tools all of which can be accessed on any device.  Learn more about G-suite:

G-Suite for Education Infographic 


Addition Information about G-Suite for Education

G-suite Safety and Privacy