Building Plan September 2021

The building committee introduced plans for a new school building during the society’s semi-annual meeting on September 29th. After nearly four years of work, it is exciting to reach a point where we can begin sharing our plans. The society will be holding a second meeting on October 13th at 7:30pm to further discuss the planned project and to vote on whether or not to move forward. See the Bryn Athyn Church website for more information and to RSVP to the October 13th meeting.

BACS Building Project Questions and Answers

Google Doc with  BACS Building Project Questions and Answers.  Check back later for new questions and answers as we update the document. 

Building Presentation at September 29th Society Meeting

A recording of the September 29th meeting is available at
The building presentation begins at 41 minutes.

Any questions or comments you might have prior to that meeting can be sent to

Proposed Campus Layout
Proposed School and Church Campus Plan

Preliminary Sketch of Proposed School Entrance

Proposed Building Layout with Spaces Labeled