BACS Student Honored in Anti-Bullying Poster Contest

Our Pennsylvania representative, Tom Murt, sponsored an anti-bullying poster contest last spring.  In his announcement he is quoted as saying, “Bullying remains one of the most challenging problems we face as parents and teachers.  By encouraging children to create posters that speak out against bullying, we’re helping them to think and act creatively in taking a stand against this unacceptable behavior.”

The contest was opened to all third graders in his district and we are excited to report that out of nearly two hundred submissions, our very own Aurelia Sullivan was selected as one of the seven winners.  Her poster, which focused on helping the bullies question their motives, earned her lunch with Rep. Murt in Harrisburg and a tour of our state Capitol.  We are proud of Aurelia, her classmates who also placed in the contest, and all of our students who are finding ways to stand up for others.



Aurelia with her mom and Rep. Murt