Working with ANC

Last Friday a group of French students from the high school came and worked with our third graders. Thursday afternoon two staff members from ANC came to share their experience with the Google education suite with some of our teachers. This is just the two most recent benefits we have received from our working relationship with the Academy secondary schools. Other examples this year include using their athletic field when our playground was being reseeded and having an elective class in the Asplundh Field House because our gyms were full. We were also recipients of materials like science lab furniture that was available after their remodel. While we are grateful to ANC for these ways that they support us, we also feel that the most important parts of our relationship are the ways in which we work together to serve our students and their families, whether this be collaborating on our calendars, discussing curriculum, or working through the transition many of our students make from one school to the other. We are thankful for the positive working relationship we have with our neighboring school and wish them all the best as they too begin to wrap up another academic year.

Greg Henderson