Whole School Chapel and Assembly

BACS held whole school chapel in Heilman Hall last Friday. It was the first time we had been all together in Heilman Hall in over two years. As Solomon Keal mentioned in his talk, being in the same place at the same time creates a sense of togetherness. I think we all felt that unity on Friday. It had been too long since we had heard the room filled with that many voices saying the prayer together. After chapel we were entertained and amazed by our guest, Roderick Russell, who showed us what can be learned from observing other people’s body language. His “mind reading” performance made quite an impression on the students, and I overheard many glowing reviews in the parking lot during dismissal time. Assemblies like this one are made possible by donations to our Educational Enhancement Fund. I’m guessing there are students already looking forward to next fall’s guest performer.

Greg Henderson