The Eighth Grade Play

BACS is back from a well-deserved spring break. In the week before we left we were treated to three performances of the play Aladdin by the 8th grade. These shows, all of which were highly entertaining, were the culmination of months of preparation by the 8th graders, their teachers and their parents. While watching their final show, I couldn’t help but remember watching the same class perform in their kindergarten music show eight years ago. It’s amazing to see how much the students who have been here all of those years have changed in that time. It is also amazing to see how many of the group’s positive qualities have stayed the same. Moreover, it is striking to realize how many students have joined this class along their journey through our school. It’s hard to imagine the group without all those members. In some ways the 8th grade play is a capstone project, not just of their term’s worth of work, but also for their career here at BACS and we all enjoyed seeing their accomplishments up on the stage.