Student Teachers at BACS

Each year the Bryn Athyn Church School is pleased to host students learning to become teachers. We have had a long standing working relationship with Bryn Athyn College which places education students in our classrooms every year. In fact, many members of our faculty were student teachers in BACS classrooms before we became faculty members. This year we have three juniors from Bryn Athyn College who spend all day Tuesday and Thursday with us. Additionally, this year we also have a high school senior from Upper Moreland High School doing an internship in one of our third grade classrooms. There is also a group of 18 nursing students from Princeton Institute Technology Center who have been coming in small groups to spend a part of their pediatric rotation shadowing Kathy McQueen, our school nurse. We feel that there is a lot that can be learned from our faculty and our students, and we are excited to have the opportunity to work with these future professionals.

Dogs on Campus

We have had too many incidents already this year of students experiencing dog waste while trying to play on our fields and in our playgrounds. If you walk your dog on the BACS campus please be diligent about picking up after your pet. If the problem continues we may feel the need to post areas of our campus as “No dogs allowed.”  Thank you.


Greg Henderson