Report Cards

Last Wednesday was the final day of our first marking period. This means that teachers are now hard at work writing report cards. Written reports from the teacher have looked very different in American history in the years since they were first introduced in the late 19th century. There is also a variety in the report cards that BACS sends out each marking period. The primary unit report is more similar to the early American report card and focuses on individual skills, while the intermediate and upper unit report cards give number or letter grades for whole subjects. All of the grades’ report cards include behavior marks and comments as well, both from the homeroom teacher and specialist teachers. Report cards are important as they are one of the mechanisms in which the school gives parents feedback on their child’s performance. Report cards also serve as mile markers for the students and as resources for future teachers. Our teachers work hard on their report cards, carefully crafting them to reflect each student’s performance through both the assessment marks and the personal comments. While I am sure that later this month the envelopes will be received with a wide range of emotions from the students and the parents, I know that the report cards serve an important use as we all work together to support the students through their educational journey.

Greg Henderson