Our Halls

Walking through our hallways gives you a wonderful view of what our students are studying at any given time. Currently you can see student-made dioramas, masks and writing all about Native Americans. There are also clay Sumerian seals and replica houses from Mrs. Frisby. There are murals of both the Most Ancient Church and the Silver Age of Heaven. You can read about the moon, a field trip to the aquarium and each of the 6th graders or you can learn about autumn through drawings, paintings, poems and leaf rubbings. There is a display about tower designs in science. There are rainbows and there are rainbow fish. And of course there are also all the art projects on display. These include Cray-Pa-watercolor illustrations, paper sculptures, bas reliefs, op-art drawings, impressionist paintings, spiral portraits. It is amazing how much one can see just strolling past the classrooms. It makes you marvel at how much more is being taught within those classrooms. Please come by for a visit, either to walk our halls or to learn more about what we are doing here.

Greg Henderson


photo courtesy of Kurt Asplundh