Graduation June 6th

Please join us for graduation and end-of-year school closing exercises on Friday, June 6, 2014 – 11:00 a.m. in the Society Building.


graduationStudents arrive 10:30 – 10:45. Borough crossing guards begin at 10:15; BACS crossing guards start at 10:30. Kindergarten parents: please be sure to have your children arrive promptly. Kindergarten begins the procession.

All Guests should please remain seated while the 8th Grade is processing into graduation so all parents, relatives and friends can see the graduates and take photographs. Please remain seated at the close of the program until all BACS students have exited.


Dismissal following School Closing:

 K-7 will be dismissed from their classrooms at 12:15 – unless alternative plans have been communicated to the teachers. Please pick up your children promptly from their classrooms

 8th Grade will be dismissed from the Society Building


Student Dress Code Requirements

Students in grades K-7 are expected to dress in Formal Event wear.

  • khaki is permitted with or without a blazer

Boys formal event wear

  • white button-up oxford shirt (not polo shirt) 
  • BACS plaid tie
  • dress code compliant pants or shorts

Girls formal event wear

  • white button-up oxford shirt or blouse (not polo shirt)
  • dress code compliant jumpers, skirts, pants, or shirts 
  • BACS plaid ties permitted – not required

Boys and girls in all grades must:

  • tuck in shirts
  • wear a belt if garment has belt loops