First Grade Play + Seeking Student Support Teacher

The First Grade Play is this week.  What a wonderful project to have every year.  These plays, which date back to performances in Mrs. Cranch’s backyard, are an opportunity for some of our youngest students to shine in ways they haven’t before.  Thinking back to where the first graders were just months ago when they started the year, it is amazing to see them memorize lines, read long narrations, sing, play musical instruments, follow stage directions and, of course, act.  Having the experience of playing a role is a great building block for our students to learn the important skill of empathy and to learn what it is like to walk in another’s shoes, whether they be furry or otherwise.  These students are also learning a new kind of self-confidence and to work together to create something that is bigger than any individual.  The play is such an important opportunity for our students.  We are grateful for the hard work of their teachers and the support of the many volunteers that make this project possible.

Greg Henderson

+ BACS is looking for a teacher in the Student Support Center for next year. Applicants for this part time position will be accepted until May 4th. If interested, information on the position and the application process can be found on If you have questions, feel free to contact Greg Henderson or Lisa Synnestvedt