Field Trips

The month of May is filled with activity at BACS. It is a natural time for many class trips. Taking students out of the classroom and into a different learning environment is a wonderful asset to our program. Just a few of the trips we take throughout the year include the third grade studying insects at the insectarium, the second grade learning about animals at the zoo, the fourth grade’s trip to the aquarium as part of their oceans unit, and the fifth grade’s recent visit to a working colonial era farm. These trips, and others taken by our students, provide them with firsthand, sensory experiences which books and computers cannot. This was illustrated on a recent trip when one student exclaimed, “I’m standing in the same spot George Washington did!” Our class trips are paid for by the Educational Enhancement Fund. This fund is exclusively dedicated to covering the cost of those pieces of our program which enhance our curriculum such as trips and assemblies. If surplus funds are raised, they are held over for the following year. If enough funds are not raised, we have to cut back on some of these programs. Currently we are $8,400 short of what we need and are hopeful that end-of-school-year donations will help us continue to offer these beneficial trips in the future.

Greg Henderson