Drama at BACS

Two of our grades have begun working on their upcoming plays. The eighth grade play and the fifth grade puppet play are both in February. BACS has a long tradition of incorporating drama into our educational program. These two projects along with others have roots which go back generations. Putting on plays can enrich students’ education in unique and important ways. Students learn empathy by walking in other characters’ shoes. They experience being a member of a team and a part of something bigger than themselves. They can earn self-efficacy. They can also learn creative problem solving if something, and it inevitably does, goes slightly wrong at performance time. Incorporating drama into the curriculum provides the students’ creativity a chance to bud, or to blossom. We are looking forward to the process and the product of the fifth and eighth grades’ productions along with others like the first grade play and the third grade mythology musicals in the spring.

Greg Henderson