Collaborative Art Installation

Each year our art teacher, Linda Kees, leads the students in creating a collaborative art installation. These projects which involve students in grades one through eight focus on our theme of the year. This year’s theme is the covenant. With Mrs. Kees’s guidance the students made small flags based on the Tibetan prayer flag model. The flags represent the students hopes and promises for the people around them. It is impressive to see hundreds of these flags hanging in our hallway, and while they are depicting similar themes such as love, wisdom, compassion and peace, it is interesting to see the variety of styles and images used by the students. One younger student drew a butterfly to show love. He said that the sides of the butterfly don’t match on purpose because it is supposed to be like a person who is different and since someone like that may be worried about being picked on, he wishes him lots of love. We are lucky to have these kind of art displays in our halls, hopefully you will have a chance to see them.

Greg Henderson