Class Trips

The school seemed a little emptier last Wednesday as our two largest classes were away on field trips. The fourth grade was at the Adventure Aquarium in Camden as part of their unit on the oceans, and the seventh grade was at the new Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia.

The seventh graders have just finished studying the causes of the American Revolution and are beginning to study the war itself. You can imagine that a day at the Museum of the American  revolution, seeing artifacts like a 1776 edition of Common Sense and George Washington’s tent, was the perfect way to both bring alive the things they have been talking about and also create excitement about the unit to come.

Similarly, it is easy to picture the excitement on the part of the fourth graders seeing the very ocean creatures they were researching up close and in the flesh. Words, pictures, and even videos can give a pretty good sense of what a shark or a ray is like, but they pale in comparison to having one swim over your head or to feel one with your hand.

We are so fortunate to be able to offer these educational trips to our students. Nearly all of these trips are funded exclusively through donations. If you are interested in helping to support these offerings, please visit our webpage on the Educational Enhancement Fund  or ask me for more information.

Greg Henderson,